About Us

Welcome to The Cloutier Christmas Light Display. I have had an obsession with Christmas lights since I nailed my first set to my bedroom TV at the age of 8. (My Mother was not impressed.). Through the years I have always decorated the house with lights, adding to the display each year, but nothing to the extent we have now, since we were just renting. After moving from NH to AL, we bought our first house in 2010 and begun to have static displays each year adding more and more lights. We have had awesome static displays the past few years but have always wanted the lights to go to music. We started stocking up on LED lights so we could put up more with less power usage. In 2015 for Christmas, we were blessed by a lady who got us our first LOR controller; she and her entire staff were such a blessing. The light season was over but we knew next year it was time to step up what we do. Through the summer we purchased 3 additional controllers and started planning our 2016 Christmas season. We started taking our lights out in October and started hanging them by Halloween. We are learning as we go, but hope you enjoy what we have done. Thank you all for watching, we love setting up and watching the lights ourselves every night. Stop in and say "Hi", most nights I'm home, just as excited watching them come on as I was when I lit my first set at 8 years old! Merry Christmas and enjoy our lights.

Cloutier Christmas Lights

Fun Facts

  • 5 LOR Controller
  • 7 Falcon F16 V3 Controllers
  • 5 Falcon F48 Controllers
  • 7 Falcon Long Range Expansion Boards
  • 65 Falcon Long range Receivers
  • ~255,000 Channels
  • (12) 15 amp circuits
  • ~40,000 lights mainly all LED
  • ~85,000 Pixels
  • Program Music on XLights
  • Show Plays on a PC Running xSchedule and a Raspberry Pi 3, Running Falcon Pi Player
  • Thousands of hours of setup and programing

Show Info

  • Show will start December 1st
  • Show time is 5:00pm-10pm Sunday-Saturday (Weather may change this)
  • Tune your car onto 97.1 FM to hear the music
  • Please be respectful to other cars, we have limited parking in the driveway
  • Please don’t walk through display but feel free to stand behind the white lights on the ground or walk through our Winter Wonderland